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McCuaig & Associates has the proficiency to conduct condition assessments for all types of structural systems including: wood frame, structural steel, masonry, reinforced concrete, and post-tensioned concrete structures. The breadth of our assessments may range from visual inspections of exposed components, to invasive inspections of normally hidden components, to completing a classical structural analysis of existing systems.

A client may wish to have a structural condition assessment completed for any of the following reasons:

  1. In order to satisfy a pre-purchase subject;
  2. To assess the capacity of older structures whose elements may have deteriorated over time, for example:
    • Underground parking structures that have been leaking for some time;
    • Wood-framed structures that have been exposed to water ingress;
  3. To evaluate heavy timber structures that have cracked over time;
  4. To evaluate the building's probable response in the event of an earthquake. In the past few decades, the design of buildings to resist seismic forces has undergone significant changes as our knowledge of the effects of seismic events has improved, therefore, there are many older buildings in the Lower Mainland whose performance during an earthquake may be questionable. McCuaig and Associates can provide a client with an assessment of seismic risk and provide recommendations for improving a building's performance during an earthquake.

Structural Condition Evaluation
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