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One of our main areas of expertise is related to wholesale domestic water plumbing replacement projects (plumbing retrofits or re-pipes). We also have experience with the replacement of the heating pipes of hydronic (hot water) heating systems.  We have been involved in these projects continuously since 1986 first as MBA Engineering, then as McCuaig & Associates after 1992, and have pioneered many of the accepted practices used today.

A typical approach used by McCuaig & Associates for a pipe replacement project includes the following:

  • Completing an assessment of the existing system to determine its remaining useful life expectancy and/or to determine if there are any changes that can be made now to help prolong its life. See also Mechanical Condition Evaluation for details of this work.
  • Preparation of a design package.  This involves close work with the owners to determine what they are really expecting from a retrofit project. Our designers will discuss with the owner(s) the implications of various options such as copper pipe replacement, pex (plastic) pipe replacement, or epoxy coating of pipes.
  • Tendering the work, using pre-approved contractors.
  • Providing Construction Management services, which includes regular site visits to ensure the work is completed to design specifications, and to also ensure the work is as nondisruptive to occupants as possible.


Pipe Replacements

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Pipe Replacement
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