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It is interesting to note (and I am sure that developers are well aware) that residential buildings, specifically condominiums, are purchased on the basis of a myriad list of considerations - the type or condition of the mechanical systems in the building is near the bottom of this list. What is interesting is that within a very short time period, the mechanical systems are at the top of the list in establishing the comfort of the residents. Enter the mechanical engineer who can then make the building a quiet comfortable living space.

Of course the reality is that most buildings (either residential or commercial) suffer through ongoing frustrations and a parade of service contractors trying to make their building's mechanical systems perform adequately. Our role is not simply to design a replacement system to deal with a given problem. We like to meet with owners to establish exactly what they expect and require from the mechanical system and tailor any upgrades to these requirements. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide useful expertise to help upgrade a system while keeping within a given capital budget and keeping owners informed of the expected on-going maintenance and energy costs resulting from their design decisions.

Whether it is replacing a boiler in a residential building or completely upgrading the control system for a commercial HVAC system, we try to keep the owners true wants and needs in perspective throughout.


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