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HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is essential for comfort in any building.

Energy costs associated with HVAC are usually the most significant cost in the operating budget of a building. Surprisingly, many owners are willing to accept that if there are no complaints from tenants (or residents), the HVAC system is "fine".

Today's systems involve building heat, domestic hot water heat, potentially pool/jacuzzi heat, building cooling, etc. Available controls can be as simple as a single thermostat or as complex as a multi-stage computer controlled remote monitored system. It has been our experience that each owner has very different needs and expectations and it is important to consider these when dealing with an HVAC System.

Energy-use modeling can help in system optimization but in our experience, the most important consideration is the inter-relation of different HVAC systems and how they should (and should NOT) interface. It is not uncommon to find buildings with ongoing wars between the heating controls and cooling controls so that both are going full blast every spring and fall.

Our goal is to determine and provide what is necessary, what is possible, and ultimately, what an owner wants for a building.


HVAC System Upgrades

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HVAC Sytem Upgrades  
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